Shoring System Design for a Storm Drainage Culvert

Shoring is a process of temporarily supporting a building or structure with props when it is in danger of collapse during repairs or alterations.

Shoring System Design requires taking all variables into consideration and designing a system that is safe and accomplishes the required task.

A culvert repair project in Richmondville, New York required a shoring design for a storm drainage culvert repair.

This project entailed the rebuild of a concrete culvert that was damaged by Hurricane Sandy. The existing culvert is located under Route 7 and continued under existing buildings supported by the concrete walls of the culvert. Due to the amount of storm drainage, the existing culvert walls were damaged which caused the existing structures above to settle.

MRH Engineering was hired by VMJR (the contractor) to design a shoring system to support the walls of the existing structures above to allow the culvert base and walls to be removed and replaced. The project was complete in two phases with the east culvert wall and one half of the culvert base being removed and replaced at a time.

The two pictures are looking upstream and show the shoring supports for the east culvert wall and one half of the culvert base repair. Once the repair to the east culvert wall and base was completed the same shoring system was rotated 180 degrees to support the structures above the west culvert wall. This allowed the removal and replacement of the west culvert wall and the remaining half of the culvert base.


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