The Techno Metal Post helical pile is a giant metal screw that is installed by a certified technician using proprietary hydraulic machinery. The pile is screwed into the ground until the desired bearing capacity is achieved.

This foundation screw pile guarantees that your building or structure is anchored on a solid base, whether it be for something as simple as a clothesline pole or as complex as a multiple story home. Techno Metal Posts can support up to 50,000 pounds per pile!

Techno Metal Post EngineeringWhat is a Techno Metal Post?

The « Techno Metal Post » helical pile is constructed with a hollow steel tube and a thick helix made of high quality steel.

The exclusive green polyethylene sleeve protects the pier from soil movement due to frost heaving.

In an era where many companies choose to source their raw materials from Asia, our team is committed to purchasing steel and manufacturing helical piles in North America.

For certain applications, our screw piles may be protected against corrosion with our exclusive “techno Protection” system that we install at the same time as the piles.

Techno Protection is a cathodic protection system that protects the steel from corrosion in harsh soils and environments.

Techno Metal Posts have one of the best industry guarantees.

Techno Metal Post’s engineering team has developed a fool-proof technology that measures the final bearing capacity of each pile during installation. The field measurements for every pile installed in the ground are analyzed and stamped by Techno Metal Post’s staff engineers. This workflow process provides indisputable engineering data to clients, contractors and building departments.

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