techno metal posts for boardwalk

Attached is a series of photos for the construction of a boardwalk at Stewart State Forest in Newburgh, N.Y. This was a design build collaboration with the installer – Techno Metal Post Hudson Valley and MRH Engineering. The boardwalk was installed across a wetland to an island located in the wetland. A second boardwalk was added from the island to the mainland on the other side of the island. Techno Metal Post’s Helical piles are environmentally friendly and can be used in wetlands to accommodate the installation of pedestrian walkways and look-outs. Minimal disturbance to the wetland was accomplished during the boardwalk installation. The installationRead More →

During freezing/thawing periods, the ground usually moves, and traditional concrete sonotube move along with them.Avoid the worst by installing helical piles!  They will remain in place despite ground movements thanks to Techno Metal Post’s exclusive sleeves installed around our piers.   Contact MRH Engineering for your next project.Read More →

The foundations of your house A house must be supported by solid, stable and sustainable foundations. The house can be built directly on helical piers or screw piles are installed under the footing to ensure that foundations do not crack if the ground moves.  The screw piles technology from Techno Metal Post offers peace of mind and guarantee that your house will not budge. The Techno Metal Post engineering department will review your project, offers the right solution and provides a guarantee. The foundation of your cottage Like for a house, the foundation of a cottage is not to be neglected … The shores of lakesRead More →