The foundations of your house

A house must be supported by solid, stable and sustainable foundations.
The house can be built directly on helical piers or screw piles are installed under the footing to ensure that foundations do not crack if the ground moves.  The screw piles technology from Techno Metal Post offers peace of mind and guarantee that your house will not budge.

The Techno Metal Post engineering department will review your project, offers the right solution and provides a guarantee.

The foundation of your cottage

Like for a house, the foundation of a cottage is not to be neglected …
The shores of lakes and rivers are often characterized by a soil propitious to movements.  A screw pile foundation is an excellent way to ensure that your chalet will stand upright and keep its value over the years.

The foundation of your patio, terrace …

Want to add a patio, deck, porch or balcony to your house?   The technology of Techno Metal Post is here to ensure that your embellissement will stay strong and will not budge.

The foundation for your extension

Whatever the size of your extension project, the foundation on screw piles from Techno Metal Post will provide you an unmatched stability.

The foundation for your fence

A fence made ??with Techno Metal Post screw piles will remain strong and right regardless of the harsh climate.

The foundation for your boathouse

Many boathouses are supported by Techno Metal Post screw piles. Our technology is proven and guaranteed.

The foundation for your mobile home

If you install or move your mobile home, make sure it is backed by solid Techno Metal Post foundations

The foundation for: car port, garage, shed, pole for clothes line …

The screw pile technology permits to support buildings of all kinds.  The installation is economical, fast and guaranteed.